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Electrical Panel Upgrades and replacements in Pratt, KS, are necessary for many homes in the area because they are more than 25 years old, and the power exceeds the panel’s capacity. If your house is old and uses a fuse box with dated amperage, you should consider upgrading or replacing the panel. You can tell if your electrical panel is outdated and a safety hazard if it has low amperage, trips too frequently, or causes your lights to flicker. An electrical panel is a metal box through which all electrical circuits in your home run. The panel is usually in the garage or basement. It receives power from the power company and distributes it throughout your home to power electronics, appliances, and lights. The electrical panel cuts off the power supply if one or more circuits in your home become overloaded. It does this to prevent overheating, which can be a fire hazard.

Pratt Electrical Panel Installation

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Pratt, KSYour electrical panel powers your entire home, so you need to ensure it’s always in top condition to avoid electrical fires and damage to your electronics and appliances. If it still relies on fuses, it’s time to upgrade. Fuses are unreliable and unsafe circuit breakers. Insurance companies often penalize homeowners for using fuses and other outdated systems. Here are physical signs that an electrical panel upgrade or replacement is due.
  • The smell of burnt plastic
  • Burn marks
  • Rust on the panel
  • A buzzing noise
  • Circuit breakers trip frequently
  • Lights dim and flicker
  • Lights and outlets shock you when you turn them on or plug something in
  • Installing new appliances
  • You remodel your home
  • There are more people living in your home
If you experience the above signs or situations, it’s time to upgrade or replace your electrical panel.

Your Professional Electrical Panel Replacement Team

Upgrading your electrical panel makes your home safer. Only a licensed electrician can do it safely and effectively. Attempting to replace your panel yourself is a serious hazard because the panel is always connected to live power. In case problems arise, call a reputable and experienced electrician. Eck Services has a team of licensed electricians you can trust to handle your electrical panel upgrades and replacements. With a new or upgraded panel in place, you need not worry about high fire hazards, overloaded circuits, and high electricity bills. Contact Eck Services today, and we’ll send a qualified electrician to check your electrical panel and see if it needs an upgrade or replacement.

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