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Indoor Air Quality in Pratt, KS
Relaxing in your Pratt, KS, home should feel like a breath of fresh air, but if you have poor indoor air quality, it can be quite unpleasant for people and pets. Allergens, contaminants from the outside, germs, and bacteria, and mold, and mildew can all contribute to bad indoor air quality. Choosing an air purifier with air scrubbers to remove the contaminants from the air can dramatically improve your experience in the home. Eck Services offers air purifiers that can integrate with your current home’s HVAC system. We’ll complete a professional assessment of your home to find the right solution.

The Best Indoor Air Quality Professionals

If you’ve been living in a home with less-than-ideal air quality, you may have become used to it. However, if you note that it’s easier to breathe when you’re somewhere else instead of home, or there’s a noticeable bad smell, or smell like wet newspapers, then there’s probably a problem with your indoor air quality. If people in your home, or pets, are chronically suffering from colds or other respiratory problems, that’s another sign that you may need air purifiers from Eck Services.

Indications that your indoor air quality is compromised include: The Best Indoor Air Quality Professionals
  • Discoloration of the walls, or chipping or peeling paint
  • Difficult breathing at home, but not work or other places
  • Condensation on the windows
  • Strange smells with no discernible source
Air purifiers, with air scrubbers that remove bacteria, mold, pet dander, and outdoor pollution, are a great solution for improving your indoor air quality. The professionals at Eck Services analyze your home’s air quality and then recommend the right air purifiers that operate along with your heating and air conditioning system. We can also conduct ductwork cleaning and filter changes for your HVAC system and recommend upgrades for that, as needed.

Your Provider of Air Purifiers in Pratt

Eck Services has been caring for customers in Pratt for over 17 years, offering comprehensive heating and cooling solutions, including improving indoor air quality and installing air purifiers. We conduct ongoing professional training to ensure that we use industry-leading techniques and tools to make your home more comfortable. All of our techs are highly experienced and ready to help you out. Plus, we were awarded the Pratt Chamber of Commerce 2020 Distinguished Large Business Award for service to the community through civic participation, economic contribution through employment, financial support for community projects, and the development of new economic activity. You can breathe easier with dependable air quality from the team at Eck Services. Call Pratt’s most trusted IAQ company today to schedule an appointment or for other heating and cooling needs!

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