Install a premium Mini Split in Pratt, KS from Eck Services. Ductless HVAC systems have recently gained popularity due to their efficiency and easy installation process. Rather than relying on an old-fashioned ductwork-based system, you can instead have your heating and cooling pushed directly into your home.

Our team is trained to handle every ductless system on the market. Let us install a premium Mitsubishi mini-split system in your home today.

Pratt Mini-Split

Mini-split systems are a wonderful advancement in the HVAC industry. These systems have both heating and cooling features and operate with astounding efficiency. Mini-splits connect an outdoor unit to an indoor unit, allowing air to be pushed directly into the home without ductwork. The outdoor unit uses a compressor or evaporator to manipulate the refrigerant as needed.

During the summer, warm air is pulled across cold evaporator coils, allowing the air to cool before being pushed into the home. The refrigerant is responsible for cooling the coils whenever cold air is requested via your thermostat.

Mini-splits can have multiple indoor units attached to the same outdoor unit. This system provides much better temperature control and flexibility than traditional HVAC systems. Mini-splits can often be used to improve your home’s zoning control.

Benefits of ductless systems include:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lowered monthly energy bills
  • Superior comfort control

Installing new ductwork often isn’t an option for older homes. Extensive construction could compromise the home’s integrity or damage historic features. Mini-splits do not require any traditional ductwork, are perfect for additions, older homes, garages, shops, etc.

They are noninvasive HVAC systems that only require small holes for the connecting lines. These systems can easily run alongside your existing HVAC system for improved temperature control in your basement or garage. They can even be installed in other structures on the property like guest homes and mother-in-law suites. Improve your home’s indoor comfort this season with an innovative and efficient ductless HVAC system.

Superior Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems

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Cut down your energy bills this summer with a new and improved mini-split in Pratt. Contact Eck Services today to schedule your HVAC appointment.