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If you need pipe repair in Kingman, KS, then pipe lining could be an option for you. The truth is that your pipes could be compromising the quality of water that you receive inside of your home, and they may actually be causing your water bill to rise. Most homeowners feel like replacing their plumbing system is out of reach, so they put off pipe repair as long as possible. However, pipe lining is an approach to pipe repair that doesn’t require your entire plumbing system to be dug out, and is a much quicker way to restore your plumbing system. At Eck Services, we provide pipe lining as an option for burst pipe repair.

Extend the Life of Your Pipes with Pipe Lining in Kingman

Pipe Repair in Kingman, KSWondering if pipe lining is going to be a good pipe repair option for your Kingman home? The best way to find out is to give Eck Services a call for an inspection. You may be curious to learn how this particular form of pipe repair works. It is actually quite simple, which is why pipe lining is so popular in Kingman. A licensed plumber applies resin that coats the interior of a pipe and then hardens creating a new pipe inside of the old pipe. The pipe takes on the same structure and shape, but stops leaks and creates a much smoother surface for water to flow through. The result is basically a new pipe without any digging or trenches, which makes it a favorite type of pipe repair for plumbers and their customers in Kingman. Four indications you need pipe repair:
  • Old pipes
  • Constant clogs
  • Corrosion you can visibly see
  • Discolored water

Trust the Experts for Burst Pipe Repair

If you have an aging plumbing system in your home or are dealing with a lot of clogs and leaks, then pipe lining may be something you want to consider in Kingman. Eck Services is the logical choice to help with pipe lining as we employ a host of experienced and licensed plumbers who know the best way to approach burst pipe repair. Our owner grew up in the Kansas region and takes great pride in treating every client like they are family. Today we have an extended family throughout the state, and we take care of our family as a member of the BBB, Service Nation Alliance, and the Kingman Chamber of Commerce. If your old plumbing system needs an upgrade, call Eck Services for help with pipe repair today.

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