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Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

Residential drain cleaning service that is effective and on-budget

You want drains to drain. That’s their whole point, and it’s a very important one. That’s how the water leaves your home after all. If the drain gets clogged or blocked, the water doesn’t drain and either won’t leave or comes back into your home.

Drain clogs and blockages make their presence known by:

  • Sewer smell coming from drains
  • Slow drains, the water takes a long time to drain
  • Gurgling coming from toilets or sinks
  • Toilets don’t have any water in them
  • Leaks and flooding in the home
  • Sewage backing up

Minor clogs can be fixed at home with hot water or drain cleaning products. If you do use a drain cleaning product, choose a biological one, as it will have less impact on the planet and because chemical drain cleaners contain acids that can damage your pipes. If you can’t clean the clog with hot water or a biological drain cleaner, it either can’t be fixed without specialized knowledge or equipment or your attempts may cause damage to your plumbing, which could require a more costly repair or replacement.

If you’ve tried a few times to get one of these methods to work, or your plumbing problem is an emergency, call a knowledgeable, clean, and affordable plumber.

We have the equipment and skill to find the clog or blockage, see what it is made of, and effectively clean it.

What We Offer

  • Equipment to see the clog or blockage

  • Skilled removal

  • Highly trained technicians

  • Professional and clean service

  • Financing options

  • Full warranty on equipment and service

How You Win

  • Remove irritations like slow drains

  • Maximize comfort and wellbeing

  • Keep clogs and blockages from damaging plumbing

  • Prevent backups and health hazards

  • A clean drain, on-budget, without damaging plumbing

  • How Can We Help?

Eck Services and Drain Cleaning

In our 15 years of experience, Eck Services has proven to customers in 5 south central Kansas counties that effective and on-budget drain cleaning isn’t a pipe dream.

Our technician will arrive with a truck fully-stocked with the best equipment and tools to find the clog or blockage and to expertly remove it without damaging pipes. That’s it. The problem is gone, without headache from dealing with less than satisfactory technicians. Sometimes, a new drain may be needed to fix the problem, if the one you have was not the right one for its use or has become damaged.

If you are concerned about your ability to pay for drain cleaning services, we have financing options available to take that load off your mind.

Drain clogs and blockages can be simply irritating for some time. But they can also over a long time or quickly become so bad that they pose a health hazard or cause property damage, so don’t hesitate to call us. Emergencies, such as when blackwater (water with sewage in it) is backing up into the home, can be addressed with no after-hour fee.

We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and our technicians always act with the utmost professionalism and consideration. Replacement parts, if needed, will be high-quality and expertly installed to prevent future problems.

Call us for residential drain cleaning, and you’ll receive service that exceeds your expectations.