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Indoor Air Quality Services

Residential air quality solutions

You may not realize this, but indoor air can get pretty nasty, particularly when we don’t open our windows much or at all. In fact, indoor air is often 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Mold, dust, pet dander, chemicals, and even bacteria and viruses float around in the air and get pushed around by fans and heating and cooling systems. This can decrease the comfort level in the home and potentially cause minor or severe health impacts, depending on the contaminant, the amount of pollution, and whether the occupants have allergies.

If one or more occupant has negative health impacts when in the home, it could likely be indoor air pollution. Health impacts from indoor air pollution often manifest as one or more of the following, respiratory or allergy symptoms, nausea, headaches, and depression, but there are other symptoms as well.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Duct repair, duct cleaning, electronic air cleaners, and humidification control can address this problem. Regular duct cleaning can prevent duct-related causes of indoor pollution, and electronic air cleaners may be a good preemptive measures in households where one is unable or doesn’t like to open their windows.

An expert in indoor air quality can offer effective and on-budget solutions to address whatever problems they find. We also perform regular maintenance that can prevent pollution.

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Home Humidifiers

Whole Home Humidifiers Everyone knows that heated air is usually dry air. Eyes, noses, and throats burn, and skin is miserable. Whole home humidifiers attached to your heating system to add the perfect amount of humidity to the air that’s forced through your home.

Dirty AC Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air Duct Cleaning All air ducts should be cleaned regularly. Our professional technicians can do this effectively for a price that fits your budget.

Air Duct Installation

Air Duct InstallationFurnaces and air conditioners can’t work without air ducts to move the heated or cooled air throughout the home. Strategy also must be used to ensure the ductwork deliver air efficiently.

ECK Air Duct Repair

Air Duct Repair Air ducts can get damaged or just age. You may realize your ductwork needs help because the heating system becomes suddenly or gradually less efficient.

Relaxing in Home De-Humidifiers
humidifier icon

Whole Home De-Humidifiers Tired of feeling hot and sticky indoors? Stay comfortable cool, and keep pests, mildew and allergy symptoms at bay with a whole home de-humidifier.

Air Purification unit
air purifier

Air Purification Electronic air cleaners, air scrubbers, and UV lights can purify the air in your home, removing mold, dust, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and airborne traces of chemicals.

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Eck Services and Indoor Air Quality

You want your home to be both comfortable and safe, and you don’t want to stress over all the things that could be floating around in the air in your living space. It gives you an insecure feeling to think there is an invisible threat in your home, causing allergies, making you feel bad, potentially causing severe symptoms. That’s why you need an expert who makes sure to perform each job correctly the first time to perform the installation, cleaning, and repairs you need to maintain healthy air quality.

We can add whole-home humidifiers to new or existing heating systems to improve comfort in your home and prevent dry eyes, noses, throats, and skin. Our technicians have the skill to install the humidifier for the perfect amount of humidity for your home.

Additional benefits

Duct cleaning and repair also increase energy efficiency, prevent damage to property, and reduce the risk of fires. No matter how great the furnace or installation, the system can’t work as well or as safely as it should without ducts that are free of obstructions and holes.

Call our expert technicians to prevent, diagnose, and address indoor air quality issues at a rate that fits your budget.

After-hour emergencies are not charged additional rates with our company.