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A well-functioning sump pump in Hutchinson, KS is the difference between a clean and comfortable basement and a catastrophe. A freak rainstorm and the nearby Arkansas River can flood a basement or, worse, flood the upper floors of the house. That’s why our technicians at Eck Services provide 24-hour sump pump repair to make sure your basement’s water-removing equipment can handle any eventuality.

Expert Basement Sump Pump Repair

Expert Basement Sump Pump RepairThere are many reasons why you need to have 24-hour sump pump repair in Hutchinson, above and beyond having to wade in dirty, knee-deep water when your basement floods.
Here is a list of what having an always dry and comfortable basement prevents.
  • Growth of mold, mildew and fungi
  • Invasion by wood eating insects
  • Bad indoor air quality
  • Damage to your home’s foundation
  • Invalidation of home insurance coverage
Given the benefits it brings, a sump pump is a rather simple device. It’s installed in the lowest area of your basement, usually in a sump pit that collects water. It can be on top of the pit or submerged. The pump turns on when the pit starts to fill with water and moves that water out of the pit and away from the house. It does this through pipes that have check valves that make sure that the water doesn’t return to the pit. The motor is turned on by a float activator arm, much like a toilet tank or a pressure sensor. When the pump is on, an impeller in its motor forces the water out through the pipes, leaving your basement dry. Most of these systems operate by simply plugging them into an electrical outlet, but since it’s near water, the outlet should be equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI.

Our Hutchinson Professionals

24-Hour Sump Pump Repair ProsEck Services has been servicing the residents of Hutchinson for over 15 years. We were awarded the Pratt Chamber of Commerce’s Distinguished Large Business Award in 2020, and our technicians are qualified, trained, and keep abreast of all advances in technology. We not only provide 24-hour sump pump repair, but our professionals are punctual, courteous, and tidy. These are not just virtues but necessities when they’re dealing with an emergency as messy and dire as a flooded basement. Don’t let a flooded basement ruin your enjoyment of the town where you live. For fast, professional, and reliable 24-hour sump pump repair in Hutchinson, call Eck Services today.

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