Your electrical system powers your home. Unfortunately, it’s not without fault, and electrical problems happen on a regular basis. Learn about the most common home electrical problems and find out how residential electricians can help you.

1. Surges

Electrical surges happen for a variety of reasons. For instance, lightning strikes, damaged power lines, and faulty wiring can all cause surges. Although the surge itself only lasts a short time, the event can cause damage to your home’s electrical components. The lifespan of your appliances can decline significantly.

While you don’t need to call an electrician in Wichita, KS to fix an occasional surge, you should call one for frequent surges. The issue could be a device that’s connected to the wiring or grid. If removing low-quality devices or power boards doesn’t help, it’s time to call an electrician. The longer you wait, the more damage your electrical system will experience.

2. Sags in Power

Have you noticed a sag or dip in your power? If so, you’re not alone. Dips in power are one of the most common home electrical issues.

The problem usually lies in faulty devices. If you have a faulty device connected to your power grid, it will draw too much power. When you turn the device on, the power in your home will sag. Pinpointing the cause of your power draw is challenging, so you may need to work with an electrician.

3. Broken Light Switches

Your home probably has quite a few light switches, so it may not surprise you to learn that broken light switches are common household problems. Dinner switches sometimes don’t adjust light, and regular switches may not turn on anything.

At times, shoddy workmanship is to blame. Your broken light switch could have faulty wiring or might not have a connection to a fixture. In either case, an electrician can diagnose the issue.

4. Circuit Breaker Tripping

Some people decide to embrace their electrical issues. When using the microwave trips the circuit breaker, they walk into the basement and flip the breaker. The problem becomes a daily occurrence.

But you don’t need to let your faulty wiring become a daily inconvenience. Instead, you should hire an electrician to fix the issue. Your circuit should not trip regularly. An electrician may need to add a new circuit or do some rewiring.

5. Overloaded Circuit

Typically, you know you have an overloaded circuit because your circuit breaker trips frequently. If you’re overloading your power boards, you’ll have this problem.

Most homes don’t have enough power points to handle their electric needs. Back in the 1980s, people were much less dependent on electronics. When people designed and built houses, they made the electrical systems to withstand the limited electrical needs.

Today, older homes can’t handle the high energy demand. The overloaded circuits need a quick repair, or your household will be in danger. Daisy-chaining power boards and overburdened circuits are fire hazards.

6. Bright or Dim Lights

If the lighting around your home isn’t universal, you might want to fix it. Lights that or too bright or too dim may seem like a minor issue, but they can keep you from enjoying your home.

There are two potential causes for this problem. For one, your lights may have different wattages. Check the wattage of your lights and replace any ones that are inconsistent wattages. The other issue Could be the main neutral connection. If the connection is bad, your lights will continue to be too dim or too bright.

7. Shocks

No one likes experiencing an electrical shock. Unfortunately, sometimes shocks happen in your own home. If your devices sometimes shock you, there’s an electrical problem. Either the appliance or the wiring is to blame.

To determine if the device is to blame, you could try plugging it into a different outlet. If a shock occurs in multiple outlets, the culprit is the device. But if the shock only happens in one outlet, the outlet and wiring are to blame.

The downside of that DIY fix is obvious – you risk shocking yourself. Instead of putting yourself through pain, call an electrician. They don’t rely on trial and error, and can safely test your outlets.

8. High Electric Bill

If your electric bill seems high, there are a few things you can do. One of the obvious solutions is to switch providers. Do some research on local electric providers and switch to a more budget-friendly option.

Another option is to call your electrician. You could have a problem with your wiring or circuits. By having an electrician repair the issue, you could lower your energy bills.

9. Light Bulbs Burn Out Frequently

It’s normal for light bulbs to burn out. However, it’s not normal for bulbs to burn out frequently. If you find yourself constantly changing out bulbs, you could have a problem.

The wattage on the bulbs may be too high for the fixture. Or, you could have insulation too close to your light. There’s also a chance that you have a more serious problem. If you have bad wiring on the circuit or the mains, you need an electrician. You may also have a dimmer switch with too much wattage.

Whether or not you have some knowledge of electrical systems, determining the real issue is difficult. Stop buying stock in bulbs and start looking for an electrician to fix your wiring.

10. Recessed Lighting Cuts Out

Downlights and other forms of recessed lighting have safety features that make them turn off when the fixture gets too hot. If your lights keep cutting out, your bulb is getting too hot. You may need to use a bulb with a lower wattage. In some cases, insulation is too close to the bulb.

Call Residential Electricians for Help

Electrical problems are often overlooked. However, ignoring your issues is a big mistake. Many electrical malfunctions are fire hazards. If you want to keep everyone in your home safe, you should call one of the most reputable residential electricians in the area. When you need an electrician in Wichita, KS, call us at Eck Electric.