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Professional Ice Machine Repair Services

Ice machine repair service and replacement, on-budget.

Businesses and facilities require ice machines to serve cold drinks. Ice machines not only have to keep making ice, but they have to be clean enough and in good enough repair for your business to pass health inspections. Also, think of the reputation you’ll receive if a customer finds bits of the ice machine in their soda.

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, convenience and grocery stores, military bases, and any other business that maintains an ice machine to serve beverages need maintenance and repair services for their ice machines.

You need a professional who can accurately assess the problem with the ice machine and repair it effectively the first time, so you don’t find yourself think you have a working, safe ice machine when, in fact, you don’t, and so you don’t have to keep needing repairs for the same problem.

If you need a new ice machine because the old one can’t be repaired, we will dispose of the old one and install a new one for you. This install will be performed accurately, so you have fewer problems in the future.

ECK Ice Machine Repair Services

We will also provide maintenance services to ensure the machine performs up to required standards for a long time and requires less repair, thereby saving you repair costs and loss of revenue from the poor reputation that accompanies a low food grade.

A little tip for you: ensure employees routinely clean the inside and outside of the ice machine to both adhere to health standards and protect the ice machine from damage. Or hire a professional to regularly do this for you.

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Eck Services and Ice Machines

Ice machines are easy to take for granted until there’s a problem with them. They need to be cleaned, maintained, and promptly repaired to ensure safe and effective functioning and to prevent negative word of mouth and low food grades.

Make a sound investment for this not-so-exciting task by selecting a trusted, professional, experienced, and on-budget technician.

We have 15 years of experience servicing commercial ice machines and can make short but accurate work of it so that you can get back to your business plans.

We don’t service any other kind of ice machine such as the ones businesses use to sell ice in bags, often found outside of stores.

Our technicians are trained and experienced and arrive with all of the tools and equipment they need to provide the best work. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Maintenance and repair reduce the energy cost of the machine having to work too hard, keep the unit clean and structurally sound, and help you stay in compliance with local health codes.

Electrical problems with the ice machine might also be another kind of health hazard. Employees may get shocked by the machine.

If you notice any obviously damaged part of the ice machine, odd noises, occurrences of shocking, or poor ice quality, schedule a repair promptly. Poor ice quality includes smaller than normal ice cubes, wet ice cubes, cubes that melt easily, and oddly colored or smelling ice cubes. The quality of the ice is often the first thing business owners notice.

We do not charge extra rates for after-hour emergencies.