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Residential Furnace Installation and Repairs

Furnace installation service that provides the best possible heating system at a reasonable price

A furnace installation may amount to setting up a new home or replacing an old furnace that no longer worked. You might also want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. Whatever your reason for installing a new furnace, you want to ensure you get the best financial return on your investment. By choosing a technician who uses the best products and offers the professional and skilled service, you will have an efficient and long-lasting furnace for your property and lifestyle. It takes knowledge and strategy to choose the right unit and run ductwork correctly to heat a space adequately. Settle for nothing less.

It is necessary to weigh out the size of the unit, the features of the unit, and how to layout the ductwork to ensure you receive the most efficient heating system for your property and your lifestyle. We will also communicate fully with you so that you understand what you’re investing in.

Heating and cooling use the largest amount of electricity in any home and are a major cost in any business. By choosing energy-efficient models, selecting the right model for the property to ensure efficient use, and maintaining it properly, you can save yourself money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Safety is also a concern. A technician will install the correct furnace for your property, ensure the space the furnace is placed in is clean and safe, and that there are enough air vents around the furnace for it to function safely.

With central heating, it is common for rooms of the home closest to the furnace to get too warm while others are still in need of heat. It is fine to close registers in rooms that are too warm as long as you don’t need to close so many registers that you reduce more than 20% of the airflow. You might discuss this possibility with the technician, so they can try to plan a ductwork layout to meet your needs.

A NOTE: if you’re upgrading your furnace, you may need a new thermostat as well to function well with modern upgrades.

What We Offer

  • Skilled, strategic planning

  • Highly trained technicians

  • The best products, tools, and equipment

  • Professional and clean service

  • Financing options

  • Full warranty on equipment and service

How You Win

  • Improve energy efficiency

  • Maximize comfort and wellbeing

  • Save yourself money

  • Stay safe in cold weather

  • Keep pets warm while you’re away

  • Receive the best installation for your buck

  • How Can We Help?

Eck Services and Furnace Installation

Eck Services has 15 years of experience providing to customers in 5 counties that we can complete the job correctly the first time. Imagine that! And we do it within your budget.

To install your new furnace, we’ll need to evaluate the property, discuss things like how often you’ll be at home and which rooms you want warmer or cooler, and consider your budget so we can plan together the best heating system for you.

We offer financing options to suit customers with smaller budgets, so everyone can receive the service they need.

You can trust that we stay current on new industry standards, building codes, and the latest furnace makes and models. We also only install the best products in your home and send technicians to you with all of the tools and equipment they need to do their best work.

We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and we always act with the utmost professionalism and consideration. The furnaces we install will be perfectly suited to your home, the area around them will be clean and safe, and they will be set up correctly for safe and effective functioning.

If you call us for furnace installation services, you’ll receive service that exceeds your expectations.