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Are you looking for more information about Heat Pumps in Wichita, KS? Then call the team at Eck Services. We’d be delighted to give you all the details. Heat Pumps offer excellent comfort benefits to Wichita, KS. residents. They are one of the most versatile and energy-efficient HVAC systems available to homeowners today. If your existing HVAC system has seen better days and is starting to cost more to run and in repairs, give our team a call. We can recommend the right system to suit your needs and install it to the highest possible standard. With a mini-split heat pump installation, you can have several heating and cooling units around your home, each with its own thermostat for zoned cooling. Heat pumps offer heating and cooling in one and are a great replacement for central air systems. Mini-splits are ideal for homes where ductwork isn’t possible or where room additions need an HVAC system. We’ve chosen some of the best systems for our range and we’d be delighted to tell you about the benefits.

Local Experts on Heat Pumps in Wichita

For the best Heat Pumps in Wichita, speak to the team at Eck Services. We can tell you all about the many benefits of these efficient systems and provide you with a cost-effective estimate. You could make some big savings on your energy costs by swapping out your furnace and AC system for a heat pump. If your energy costs seem to be constantly on the rise, switching to an electric heat pump could be the answer. You’ll no longer depend on fossil fuels and your indoor air quality will also be improved as a result. A Mini-Split Heat Pump is a smaller unit usually installed on the walls around your home. Each unit has its own thermostat and controls meaning you can set a different temperature on each unit or the same throughout your home. Sometimes, you might want it warmer or cooler in certain areas, or you might want to turn off your HVAC in some areas. Mini-splits give you complete control and offer excellent efficiency.
Here are just some of the benefits our heat pumps offer:
  • Cooling and heating in one
  • Energy efficient and better for the planet
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower maintenance

Affordable Heat Pump Repair Sedgwick County, KS.

Call the friendly and helpful team at Eck Services to arrange heat pump repair that you can count on. We know all of the faults that a heat pump can experience and we’ll get to work on putting the problem right. We offer 24/7 emergency HVAC repairs throughout the area and we’d be delighted to help you with your comfort today. No problem is too much trouble for our experienced team and we’ll provide an upfront cost for repair before we get to work. Over the years, we’ve helped many customers with heat pump repair and we’d be delighted to do the same for you today. You’re only a phone call away from great service and customer care. When it comes to great service, we offer over 15 years of experience and we’ll have your heat pump working perfectly again as quickly as we can. Your comfort and happiness are so important to us and we’ll work hard to get you warm or cool again depending on the season. Contact the team at Eck Services now and discover why we’re number one for heat pumps in Wichita. We can arrange repairs, installation, and maintenance and ensure every service is delivered at the highest possible standard.

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