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Prevent unnecessary clogs and plumbing issues with regular Drain Cleaning in Wichita, KS. A drain cleaning service includes a thorough video inspection of the plumbing. We will look for areas that are dirtier than others and determine what the cause of the blockage may be. For example, in some situations, a clogged drain is due to mineral accumulation from the hard water that passes through. In other situations, a clogged drain may be entirely preventable, as it may be from grease and oil that you toss down the drain. In addition to figuring out what is causing the obstruction, our plumbing team will also take the time to look for any vulnerable areas that may be in need of repairs. In particular, we’ll keep an eye out for cracks and leaks that should be patched up immediately. By patching up these cracks and leaks while they are still minor, you’ll be able to prevent costly repairs involving significant water damage in the future.

Reliable Wichita Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Wichita, KSWe highly recommend that you schedule drain cleaning services annually as part of your regular home maintenance. This will extend the lifespan of your plumbing, maintain its overall condition and prevent unnecessary problems from emerging in the future. Our team can help you determine when the best time to schedule a drain cleaning may be. In addition to annual drain cleaning services, you should also give us a call if you notice the following:
  • Persistent fruit flies by the drain
  • Slow or slowing overall drainage
  • Weird sounds coming from drain
  • Foul and unusual odors
  • Water pooling around the area
The sooner that you call us, the better your chances at preventing a major problem. We’ll determine what the cause of the problem is and help you find a permanent solution, so your plumbing won’t give you any headaches in the future.

Eliminate a Clogged Drain

For over a decade Eck Services has remained committed to providing the highest quality of care possible. We pride ourselves on being a reliable company that the community can depend on. This has earned us many awards, like the Pratt, Wichita, and Kingman Tribune’s “2019 Best Electrician Award.” Our team is dedicated to consistently providing some of the best prices in the area. We have special financing options available and regularly offer specials and discounts throughout the entire year. Keep your drains in optimal condition and schedule a drain cleaning with us today. We also provide other types of plumbing services, like tankless water heater repairs and sewage backup solutions, as well as cooling, heating and electrical services.

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