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ECK Services is a trustworthy company providing dependable generator solutions to residents of Wichita, KS. On average, an American home will experience one or two power outages per year due to faults in the gridline. However, storms and climatic events can cause blackouts that last for days or even weeks. At such times, you need a standby system for your comfort and convenience. Our team can help you choose the best generators depending on the needs of your Wichita home. Our team provides dependable generator service from Meridian Avenue, accessible through Interstate 235 on exit 3. We are ready to serve you, whether you are in Wichita, Kingman, or Pratt.

Whole House Generator Service Sedgwick County, KS.

Generators in Wichita, KSThere are different types of standby systems with varying capacities. Before installing one, it is crucial to determine the right size for your needs. That way, you will power your home without having to overspend on fuel. You can estimate the power consumption of your home by adding up the wattage from lights and appliances. For example, your HVAC unit consumes 3,500 watts of power, while your fridge may need 200 to 250 watts. The loss of electrical power can have a significant impact on most people’s lives. Installing an electrical backup system has many benefits.
  • Safety for your family during a blackout
  • Protection from voltage surges during outages
  • Keeps lights on to deter burglars and intruders
  • Maintain comfort and convenience
  • Keep medical devices and HVAC systems operational
We will help you determine the best possible generator for your home, and install it perfectly every time. Our whole-house generators are especially worthwhile if you frequently experience blackouts in your Wichita home. They are more convenient than portable systems. In addition, they are suitable for homeowners who depend on many electrical appliances.

Generator Installation Pros

As a locally owned and operated company, ECK Services understands the importance of quality customer service in Wichita. Our electricians are committed to producing outstanding results that will stand the test of time. Our OK and KS licenses are also available on our website for easy verification. In the years we’ve been in business, our electricians have earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship and professionalism. We have a BBB accreditation, and our team is proud of our A+ rating. We are members of the local Chamber of Commerce and Service Nation Alliance in both Kingman and Pratt. If you want a reliable home generator installed in Wichita, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff today!

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