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You need to prepare for the Wichita, KS winters when it gets pretty chilly. The most important time to check on your heating maintenance is right before you are going to use it for long periods of time. You might be tempted to try and maintain your system yourself. This is not a good idea as you might not have the skills and equipment to properly tune it. You could endanger yourself and your family. But there is no reason to stress, the experts at Eck Services are here to help. You can probably change your air filter on your own and see how the batteries on the thermostat are doing. For everything else, we’ll make sure your heater is in working order. We got your furnace tune-up and more covered.

Wichita Heating Maintenance For Our Neighbors

Heating Maintenance in Wichita, KSYou need to have your furnace maintained once a year as most manufacturers require you to do so on your warranty. There are plenty of immediate benefits when it comes to keeping your furnace maintained.
  • Ensures air and heat isn’t uneven
  • Prevents leaks or water damage
  • Keeps your home safe
  • Reduce your energy bills
These are just a few good reasons to contact us today for a furnace tune-up and prevent any future problems from popping up. Our technicians have the skills and tools to deal with whatever issue you’re facing. If it’s something with the burner, flame sensor, a blockage in your vents, or something else, we’ll find it. Your heating maintenance problems are a thing of the past, we’ll see to it.

The Best Choice For Your Furnace Tune-up

Eck Services has been assisting the Wichita area with its heating needs since 2004. We’re proud members of this community eager to serve and help you with whatever issue you have. With over three locations and over seventy-five employees, we are standing by to do battle with your furnace problems. You can trust us, as we are a BBB accredited business with 24/7 emergency service if you need it. We are also up to date on the latest in technology so we can give you the most cutting-edge help. We cover all makes and models so we most certainly have the skills and knowledge to handle whatever heating problems you are facing. Don’t trust a business that isn’t a part of the community like we are. We are devoted to getting you up and running the first time and we’ll be back to help you again the next year if you need us to. You’ll be glad we handled your heating maintenance needs in Wichita. We can also help with other heating solutions, like repair or installation, as well as any AC system maintenance. Contact us today, and give yourself the pleasure of an easy-going and comfy winter household!

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