Commercial fires can cause a lot of damage – to property, businesses, and even people. In the worst cases, they can cause extensive damage, not to mention the potential for injury or death. These fires are common, and they occur more often than residential fires. So it’s essential to be aware of the common causes of commercial fires, so you can take steps to prevent them from happening.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common causes of these fires, along with tips on avoiding them and what to do in case a problem arises. By being proactive and knowing what to look for, you can help ensure that your business and office stay safe from fire.

Causes of Commercial Fires

There are many causes of fires in commercial buildings. Some of the most common causes include:

  1. Electrical Problems

We’ve all heard it before – a problem with electricity can be as dangerous as a problem with fire. After all, a problem with electricity is often the cause of a commercial building fire. These faults in the electrical system can come from various sources, including age and wrong installation. They may also be caused by faulty appliances and equipment not handling power safely.

So if you’re ever experiencing any issues with your electrical system, it’s best to call a professional electrician in Wichita, KS, right away! Otherwise, you could be putting yourself, your employees, and your property at risk.

  1. Arson

There is a chance that your business could be the target of an attack due to outside influence, just like arson. Arson is a deliberate fire, making it one of the most dangerous causes of fires. It is difficult to detect and stop because there are usually only a few to no signs before an intentional fire. One of the best ways to protect yourself from this kind of violence is by installing security measures such as alarms and surveillance cameras to deter criminals.

  1. Flammable or Combustible Materials

Many fires can happen at workplaces, such as offices, where furniture or materials are often made with cheaper materials that can easily catch flame. When this happens, a furniture and carpeting fire can arise. The most common cause of this type of fire is lit cigarettes or cigars, which fall into combustible surfaces like upholstery, chairs, carpeting, etc. To prevent a commercial fire from happening, most businesses choose to use non-combustible materials for their office furniture and accessories, such as metal surfaces for desks and sturdier upholstery fabrics.

  1. Lack of Fire Awareness and Training of Staff

Another common cause of commercial building fires is the lack of understanding concerning what employees or staff should do in case of a fire. Causes can range from employees being confused about emergency exits to not knowing which fire extinguishers are for what type of fires. Make sure you have clear procedures in place for your employees so that they know when to evacuate the building in case of an emergency. Also, give them mandatory fire safety training to understand how to contain small fires and handle which fire extinguishers are needed for different kinds of fire.

  1. Lack of Fire Equipment’s and Resources

Causes of fires in commercial buildings can range from arson to electrical problems, to simple negligence such as misplacing keys that allow access into safety cabinets with extinguishers, not having enough extinguishers or fire hoses, and not having a working fire alarm. To prevent fire damage or improve your chances of containing a fire before it spreads throughout the building, you need to have access to adequate equipment and resources. Also, follow the general rules required for how many fire extinguishers are needed in commercial buildings as stated by the State Fire Marshal.

Tips for Commercial Fire Prevention

There are a few things that business owners can do to help prevent fires from happening in their buildings. To summarize, the most important fire prevention tips are:

– Have a regular fire safety inspection of your building to know what needs updating and replacing.

– Create and practice a fire escape plan and educate employees on proper fire safety procedures.

– Make sure all equipment, appliances, and machinery are properly maintained.

– Choose non-combustible materials for office furniture and materials.

– Keep flammable materials away from heat sources.

– Train staff in handling flammable materials.

– Install a fire alarm system and have it regularly maintained.

What To Do in Case of a Commercial Fire

If you suspect that there is a fire in your building, or if you are alerted to the fact that there is an active fire, here are some steps you should take:

Set the fire alarm immediately if it was not yet raised.

Call the fire protection services.

Evacuate all employees.

Do not use the elevator.

Follow the fire safety procedures set in place.

Exit via the closest stairwell.

Once outside, move at least 100 feet away from the building.

While we can’t always stop accidents from happening, knowing what to do once they do can be the key to limiting damage and preventing further injuries. Business owners should always have regular fire inspections done to help prevent fires from occurring. If one does happen, it’s important to educate employees on proper procedures so they can stay safe. It’s also important to keep flammable materials away from heat sources, and to clear the building of anything that can catch fire. If your business is equipped with fire sprinklers, they may help put out any flames before they cause too much damage. By knowing what steps to take in case of a fire, as well as some prevention tips, you can help keep your employees and business safe.

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