No appliance lasts forever, and your hot water heater is proof of that. At some point in your life, you’ll need a plumber in Wichita, KS to replace your water heater. Most people sink hundreds of dollars in repairs into their heater before they replace it. By knowing the signs that you need a water heater replacement, you can replace your heater before spending too much money on repairs.

1. You Have an Old Water Heater

If you’ve lived in your home for over a decade and never replaced your heater, then it’s time to do so. The average hot water heater only lasts between eight and ten years. Once your heater is ten years old, it’s time to replace it. You can use the serial number to check the age.

You could wait for your heater to fail, but you’ll be left with no hot water. Furthermore, you will need to scramble to find Wichita plumbers and a replacement heater. If you replace your heater before it fails, you can save yourself from a major headache.

2. You Have Rusty Water

Despite the incredible strength of steel, it has one vulnerability – it rusts easily. Once rust forms on your water heater, it eats away at your pipes and tank and makes it likely that you’ll experience a leak. For this reason, you need to replace a rusty hot water heater.

If you see rusty water coming from your sink or bathtub, your hot water heater may be the culprit. You might also notice rust near the pressure relief valve of your water heater. In either case, it’s time to hire a professional to replace your water heater. They can confirm whether or not your heater has rust and handle the replacement.

3. Noise

While a noisy house is just a sign of a family, a noisy water heater is more ominous. If your tank loudly rumbles as it heats the water, you have a problem. Typically, the issue stems from sediment build-up.

Before you replace your heater, you can try to flush out the sediment. Part of your annual maintenance should be a sediment flush. If you flush the sediment and your heater is still noisy, you should consider replacing it.

4. Your Heater is Leaking

When your water heater starts to reach the end of its life, it may start to leak. Look for water around your tank, and call Wichita plumbers as soon as you notice the water. If left unrepaired, your leak could result in significant damage.

One common cause of a leaking hour water heater is expansion. The metal tank can only go through so many heating cycles before it expands. As the metal continues to expand, small fractures occur. The fractures allow tiny amounts of water to escape. Once you have a fracture, you need to replace your heater.

Another possible cause of your leak is a loose fitting. While this might not require you to install a new heater, a loose fitting could require the expertise of a plumber. Call for help as soon as you notice any leaking.

5. There’s No Hot Water

If you turn your hot water tap and the water isn’t hot, you have a serious issue. You can’t wash your hands, clean your clothes, or do laundry. Without hot water, your plumbing won’t do you much food. And, unfortunately, no hot water means it may be time to replace your heater.

There are three likely causes of your lack of water. First, you could have a misadjusted thermostat. This is an easy fix, but isn’t usually the problem. The second is a broken heating element. Although not all water heaters with broken heating elements need to be replaced, some do. An older heater with a broken heating element may not last you much longer. Instead of spending more money on repairs, you can save money and just replace the system.

Lastly, your tank may be too small for your home. An improperly sized water heater will never be able to handle your hot water needs. If you want to shower and run the dishwasher at the same time, you’ll never have a hot shower. To remedy this issue, you need to replace your hot water heater with a larger one.

6. You’re Unhappy with Your Energy Bills

Hot water heaters can use a significant amount of energy. This is especially true of tanked water heaters. If you have high energy bills and want to save money, you should consider replacing your heater with a more energy-efficient option.

Tankless heaters are highly energy efficient. When you install one, you get significant energy savings. The system itself costs more than a tanked system, but the savings often pay for the cost of the heater within a few years.

If you want to save money on your energy bill, consult with a plumber. They can explain more about your options for hot water heaters. Event traditional tank models are more efficient than the models made years ago.

7. Your Plumbers in Wichita, KS Say So

It can be difficult to know for sure when it’s time to replace your hot water heater. After all, you’re not a trained plumber. The best thing you can do is call a plumber for advice on the situation. If you suspect an issue with your water heater, request a service call.

When the plumber arrives, explain your concerns. Ask them if they recommend replacing your water heater or if it has a long life left. It takes experience and training to know when to replace a water heater.

You Can Rely on Us

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