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Eck Services delivers high-quality Commercial Refrigeration in Anthony, KS. Our refrigeration installation services include a consultation to determine your exact food and beverage preservation needs. Every business is different, which is why we offer a wide variety of options from large, walk-in coolers to maneuverable refrigerators with adjustable shelving. Our goal is to give you the maximum amount of refrigeration in the minimum amount of square feet. Whether you need a walk-in cooler that can hold fresh produce and meats for a week’s worth of business or you need drink coolers for grab-and-go displays, we can help. At Eck Services, we design and build custom solutions that can help you keep food fresher for longer, helping you trim your waste.

Customized Commercial Refrigeration in Anthony

If you own a restaurant or grocery store, you know that food spoilage is a major expense and a cost of doing business. Finding ways to minimize your losses from spoilage often starts with an efficient and reliable walk-in cooler or other commercial refrigeration solution. Portable units allow retail locations to quickly change up displays, while walk-ins offer unparalleled temperature control and storage space. Newer units often have more granular temperature control settings, allowing you to set temperatures ideal for vegetable storage in one area and better temperatures for meat storage in another. A spacious walk-in also gives you better visuals of your stored food. You can quickly take inventory and keep older items at eye level to help reduce the risk of food spoilage. Plenty of space also means you can stock up on your most popular items and keep foods separate to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.
At Eck Services, we provide lots of benefits when it comes to refrigeration installation, including:
  • Electric upgrades when necessary
  • Custom refrigeration design
  • Modular shelving installation
  • Freezer and refrigerator installation
In addition to the convenience and freshness offered by modern commercial refrigeration installation, we also have lots of energy efficient options. While food spoilage is likely the largest loss item on the books, monthly utility bills can be a major concern for restaurants and other businesses that run lots of appliances. Our newer, energy efficient units can help cut those monthly expenses, helping to trim your day-to-day operational costs.

Dependable Refrigeration Installation

At Eck Services, we’re known for our one-stop services for all commercial refrigeration in Anthony. We have a catalog that includes everything from small coolers and blast chillers to large, built-to-order walk-in refrigeration units. We offer both sales and rental options, so you don’t have to make a large capital investment upfront to start serving your customers. Plus, we offer maintenance plans on every fridge or freezer that we install. Both our rental and buying customers get the same great service and fast response times for when something goes wrong. If you need help with your walk-in cooler in Anthony, contact the refrigeration experts at Eck Services! We can usually be at your business on the same day as your call.

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