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Investing in a ductless air conditioner in Pratt, KS is one of the options to explore when you need to find comfort in the summer months. It improves energy efficiency levels and keeps the adverse temperatures out of your home. We understand how frustrating it gets when an AC breaks down, but don’t despair. Our experts can get any ductless mini-split system in Pratt up and running. Our team also offers regular maintenance to keep it running optimally.

Five-Star Ductless Mini-Split Services

Five-Star Ductless Mini-Split ServicesSo, you’ve decided to keep your ductless mini-split AC running without maintenance? It may sound like a good money-saving idea. After all, you aren’t paying for anything extra, and it’s just going to run like it always does, right? But on the flip side, you’ll have higher energy costs because the unit works harder to get the same results. And there’s more. Constant breakdowns will dig into your pockets more during regular and unplanned repairs. Let our team come down to your place and check what is increasing those bills and reducing the efficiency levels. You may be surprised to find a clogged filter that needs some cleaning or replacement or dropped refrigeration levels due to leaks.
Even if you maintain your AC, there will be times that it needs attention. Common signs to take note of include the following:
  • Weird smells or sounds
  • Water leaks
  • Frequent on and off cycles
  • Reduced efficiency
There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard by a broken AC in the middle of the summer. To avoid getting caught off guard, we advise you to reach out to a ductless heat pump technician to regularly inspect the air filter, fans, and refrigeration levels. If you’re new to a ductless air conditioner, we’ll help you choose a suitable ductless unit for your house.

Pratt’s Ductless Air Conditioner Experts

At Eck Services, we offer comprehensive installation, maintenance, and repair services for ductless AC systems. We can help you find the best system for your needs and match you with one that fits your budget. Consequently, we make sure that we factor in the long-term costs of AC care so that you don’t pay more than necessary for servicing your unit. We’ve been in business since 1997 and pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Our clients will tell you that we’re responsive, friendly, honest, and transparent about our pricing. Call us at Eck Services to schedule an affordable ductless air conditioner in Pratt today!

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