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Eck Services is an award-winning provider of EV charging installation in Pratt, KS. We’ve been servicing community members for more than 15 years. We offer fast, reliable service times for our home EV charging installation, along with exceptional craftsmanship and care you can always rely on. We maintain a positive relationship with the Pratt Chamber of Commerce and Service National Alliance, and we’re proud to serve the county seat of Pratt County and the home of the distinguished Pratt Community College.

Experienced Home EV Charging Installation in Pratt

Experienced Home EV Charging Installation in PrattYou need a properly repaired EV charging station to ensure your vehicle is receiving the energy it needs. Attempting repairs by yourself may result in system issues that could affect your home’s electrical supply. Ensure you can easily run your daily errands and get to work on time by trusting an expert with all your charging station repair needs in Pratt.
Signs your charging station needs repairs:
  • Vehicle not charging
  • Frequent rebooting or non-starts
  • Fluctuating charging speed
  • Outages or tripped circuit breakers
Installing an EV charging station at home comes with a variety of cost and convenience benefits. After paying the initial EV charging installation cost, you’ll save money for years by relying on your home station rather than a third party. Home EV charging installation allows you to choose the charger level that you need based on your home’s electrical capabilities.

Expert EV Charging Installation Services

Ensure your daily charging needs are fully met by scheduling regular maintenance services. Home charging stations often only need to be professionally maintained a few times a year. By calling in the professionals, you ensure your station is running at full efficiency. Regular maintenance will also prolong the station’s lifespan and minimize potential repair costs in the future. No one does EV charging station repairs like Eck Services. We’ll ensure your station is always working at peak efficiency. Bring new ease to your day with a home EV charging installation today. We offer a variety of models to best suit your vehicle’s charging needs. We can also maintain your charging station to prolong the system’s usefulness. Minimize your future costs with expert maintenance today. Eck Services is your best choice for EV charging station installation in Pratt. Call today to schedule a convenient appointment. Not looking for an electrical company? We also provide comprehensive heating and cooling services!

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