Do you have recurring headaches? If so, there are a few potential causes of your throbbed skull. In some cases, headaches are connected to your HVAC in Wichita. The very air conditioner that keeps you comfortable could be making you sick. 

How Can an AC Cause Headaches?

There are several ways in which your air conditioner could be responsible for your headaches. First, there’s the issue of dehydration. As your air conditioner cools the air in your home, it pulls out the humidity. The air could get too dry and you may not be drinking enough water. This combination is what could result in a dehydration headache. 

It’s worth mentioning that too much humidity isn’t good either. For the most comfort, you need an AC that leaves just enough humidity in the air. If your air conditioner makes the air too dry, you can fix it by running a humidifier. You might also want to discuss the issue with someone who specializes in heating and cooling in Wichita KS. Additionally, keep track of your water intake. 

You’re Too Cold 

If your AC runs too cold, it could give you a headache. When your body becomes cold, the blood vessels in your brain contract. As a result, your head begins to hurt.

You can remedy this by raising the temperature by a few degrees. If your headaches go away, you can be certain this was the problem. In addition to hurting your head, keeping your AC too low does damage to your air conditioner. It places unnecessary stress on the system and could leave you with an AC that doesn’t live a full life.

It’s Too Noisy

Older or broken air conditioners can be very noisy. If the noises are too loud or a bad frequency, they could be responsible for your headaches. The only way to remedy this is to call a heating and cooling specialist. After inspecting your HVAC, they can determine the cause of the noise.

To stop the noise, you may need an AC repair or replacement. A noisy air conditioner is a tell-tale sign that you have a problem with your system. Even if the noise doesn’t give you a headache, don’t hesitate to call for help. 

Allergens or Chemicals in the Air

An air conditioner doesn’t only circulate air. It also circulates things like dust, pollen, and allergens. If you have dirty filters, dirty ducts, or a broken AC, you could have allergens or chemicals in your air.

Although there are several symptoms of allergies, one of the most common side effects is a headache. As you breathe in particles, you could develop a headache. You may be able to prevent this from happening by doing the following:

Changing your filters regularly 

Scheduling a duct cleaning

Using a hypoallergenic filter

Receive regular HVAC maintenance 

Is it Your AC or a Medical Condition?

If you follow the tips above and still have headaches, you should consult with a doctor. It’s the only way to truly know what’s causing your headaches. In the event of migraines, call your doctor right away. There’s no sense in waiting for the situation to worsen.

Whether your headaches are from the air conditioner or a medical condition, it can’t hurt to call an HVAC technician. It’s always useful to have an expert look at your system and perform regular maintenance. At the very least, their work will keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. 

With regular maintenance, you can enjoy lower energy bills and an AC that needs fewer repairs. And your efforts might make those annoying headaches disappear for good. 

How To Prevent These Issues

You deserve to be comfortable and healthy inside your home, but your air conditioner could keep this from happening. Before you start to experience frequent headaches, you should take the proper steps to care for your AC.

For starters, be diligent about changing out your filters. Normally, you should change out your filters once every three or four months. But you might need to do it more frequently if you are very sensitive to allergens or if you have a lot of dander or pollen in your neighborhood. 

Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning 

When is the last time you had the air ducts in your home cleaned? If you have never cleaned them or moved into a new home, you should consider hiring an expert to clean them.

Over time, a shocking amount of dust and debris accumulates in your HVAC ducts. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, you should schedule an air duct cleaning once every three to five years. If you have pets that shed a lot or did a home remodel, you may need to have someone clean your ducts sooner than that. 

Air duct cleaning isn’t a DIY job. If you have a large hole, you have an extensive system of ducts. It takes special tools to be able to clean your ducts and in-depth knowledge. Only work with a company that has a history of success with duct cleaning. 

Receive Regular Maintenance 

Perhaps the best way to prevent headaches from your AC is to receive routine AC maintenance. Your air conditioner won’t last forever, and it demands attention. If you don’t have someone inspect your AC and perform maintenance tasks, your system won’t work well. It’s more likely to distribute allergens and make strange noises.

By getting a maintenance contract with your HVAC company, you can make sure your AC maintenance isn’t ignored or forgotten. At least once a year, have an HVAC technician come out and take care of your system. You’ll be rewarded with a system that lasts longer, works better, and keeps you healthier.

Who Do You Call for Your HVAC in Wichita?

Getting routine maintenance isn’t enough. You need to work with a company that knows what they’re doing. Here at Eck Services, we take pride in our work. We want you to be healthy and safe, so you can enjoy your home. When you need help with your HVAC in Wichita, call us.