Whenever you have an electrical problem, you need to hire an electrician for the job. Not only do they know the codes and laws in your state, but they know how to act safely to prevent damage to your home. You might hire a company or an individual who works on their own. Before you let them do any work for you, make sure they have a state license.

What Is a Licensed Electrician?

A licensed electrician is a professional who went to school to learn their skills or developed them through an apprenticeship. They must apply for a license through the state and show clients that they have one. Electricians also need to have insurance to cover any accidents on the job. If they make a mistake with a wire or any other component that causes a fire or leads to smoke damage, their insurance policy will pay for the repairs you need.

Types of Electricians

Since we work in Kansas cities like Wichita and Hutchinson, we know what it takes to become a licensed electrician in the Sunflower State. Anyone who wants to maintain, repair, or install electrical systems must have a license from the state. A journeyman electrician has the right to install, adjust, and repair electrical systems. They must complete a two-year electrician program, have a high school diploma or GED, be 18 or older, and pass the journeyman electrician exam. If you need someone who can work on a control system or any of the wiring in your home, you want to look for a master electrician. A master electrician must take and pass an exam, be at least 18, have two years of experience working as a journeyman electrician, and have a high school diploma or GED. You can also hire an electrical contractor to work on your home’s system. These professionals typically need a Class A, C, or D license as well as at least two years as a journeyman electrical contractor or four years while working under a master electrician. Necessary qualifications can vary, as licensing is handled at the local level. A Class D license allows them to maintain systems. While a Class C license lets them work on homes, a Class A license is a general license. They must have general liability and auto insurance policies as well as workers’ comp. The contractor can run an electrical repair business and hire others to work for them.

Getting a Kansas State Electrical License

There are several steps that an electrician must complete to obtain a license in the state. The first step is the completion of a degree, diploma, or certificate program. These programs are available through community colleges and trade schools along with other schools. Most programs have an apprenticeship stage. Apprentices need to have a high school diploma or GED and be 18 or older. Kansas and most other states require that electricians gain some practical work experience, too. They spend time learning about state codes and laws through training courses. The state expects them to work on electrical systems and handle repairs, maintenance, and installation jobs while working under a licensed electrician. To work in a specific county, an electrician must complete and pass a licensing exam that covers subjects such as:
  • Installation
  • Electrical repairs
  • Wiring codes and other laws
  • Electrical materials
  • General maintenance

License Checks

You need to make sure that the electrician you hire has a license. The Enterprise Professional License Verification website is one of the best places for Kansas homeowners to check. As long as the worker has a Kansas Board of Technical Professions license, you will find them listed on the site. Click on “Profession” and select an option from the drop-down menu. You will then pick the type of license they should have and their license number if you have it. The site will tell you if their license is valid, suspended, active, or canceled. You can also search by the person’s name. Enter their first and last names and any other information you have, such as the city or county where they reside. The site also has a separate search page if you want to check on a company’s license. If you think your old electrical system has any lead components, you need to hire a lead abatement electrician. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment maintains a database with information about these professionals. Not only can you verify that the person or company you hire has a license, but you can also ensure that they have a license to work in lead abatement. Kansas is just one of many states that allow you to check on licenses through the city clerk or county clerk. Visit the official website for either one, and look for the license search page. This page lets you see if a contractor has a license based on information that includes:
  • First and last names
  • Address
  • ZIP code
  • License type
You can search for a company’s name rather than an individual’s name. If you aren’t sure of the exact name, most sites allow you to enter a partial name and view the results.

Licensed vs. Certified Electricians

A licensed electrician is someone who has the right to work anywhere in the state. The professionals may even have licenses that allow them to work in multiple states, especially if they are close to two or more states. A registered or certified electrician is someone who can only work in a specific county. For example, a registered electrician may only work in Reno County. One of the benefits of hiring a licensed professional is that they can work anywhere in the state.

Risks Posed by Non-Licensed Electricians

Hiring someone who does not have a license is risky. They may take chances with the repairs you need and cause more problems in the future. They may also fail to work under current building codes and create a hazard in your home as a result.

Hire a Licensed Electrician Today

Unless you want to risk expensive repairs later, find a licensed electrician who can handle your home’s system today. Unlicensed workers tend to advertise online and usually do not have a website. You can search for an individual’s or a company’s license through the city clerk, county clerk, or other websites, which will also tell you if it’s in good standing. Contact Eck Services if you need a licensed electrician in Hutchinson, Wichita, or another nearby city in Kansas. Our electrical services include house wiring, electrical repair, panel upgrades, EV charging, generators, indoor and outdoor lighting, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, data cabling, and surge protection. We offer HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance for your central HVAC, mini-split, or heat pump. Our plumbers can help with water heater repairs, tankless water heaters, drain cleaning, pipe repair, sewer and trenchless sewer systems, septic tank cleaning, and sump pumps. Our indoor air quality services include air purifiers, UV lights, and air filters. We can also help with commercial heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and oilfield electrical, portable toilet rentals, ice machines, and commercial refrigeration.