When most home And business owners think of their HVAC system, they forget one crucial detail. The ductwork is usually put to the side, and this is why duct maintenance rarely happens. But you can educate yourself on ductwork maintenance and find out how to keep your system running smoothly. Learn how ductwork maintenance keeps your HVAC in Wichita running.

Why Does Your Ductwork Need Maintenance?

Because the ductwork doesn’t involve machinery, people often think it’s self-sufficient. However, your ducts go through wear and tear just as your compressor does. As time goes by, insects, mold, and hair accumulate in your ducts. They remain in there for all of eternity or until a dedicated HVAC technician cleans them away.

If you don’t receive any ductwork maintenance, your ducts could be loaded with unknown particles. This keeps your system from functioning the way it should. With that in mind, ductwork maintenance isn’t something you should ignore.

Know If Your System Needs Maintenance

Before you get to work, you should spend a little time finding out if your ducts actually need maintenance. You can look up into your ducts to see if you can get a visual on any dirt. However, there’s one problem with this type of inspection. You need to access and examine every area of your HVAC system. Unless you studied at a technical school, you probably don’t know where the access points are and how to inspect the ducts.

A professional might use a video camera or another tool to thoroughly check your ductwork. With the right tools and experience, they take the guesswork out of a duct inspection. And the expert doesn’t only look for particles – they look for the signs of mold growth. If you have mold in your ducts, you could develop a long list of health symptoms.

Hire a Professional

Duct cleaning might not seem like a difficult task, but it is. If your ductwork is dirty, you can’t use a DIY technique to clean it. The dirt isn’t only scattered along the surface of the ducts; it’s also on the joints, dampers, and screws. To completely remove the grime, you need to call a professional.

What are the consequences of not relying on a professional? At first, you might not have any problems. But It’s only a matter of time before dirty ductwork results in HVAC failure. The dirt makes your system work hard, which takes a toll on the machinery.

Understand Your Ductwork

If you have a comprehension of how your HVAC system works and your ductwork, you can be better informed about maintenance. The ducts are responsible for spreading and distributing air into closed areas of your home. But where does the air come from?

The HVAC system works by using an evaporator coil and refrigerant to absorb heat from the air. Located outside, the coil is inside a condenser. After cooling the air, the system sends cold air back inside the home and releases hot air outside. Thanks to the ducts, air can move from the inside of your home to the outside, and back in again.

Follow a Few DIY Maintenance Tips

On your own, there are a few tips you can follow to keep your ducts clean. For starters, change out your filters every three months or sooner. Doing so keeps particles from being pulled into your ducts. If you have reusable filters, educate yourself on the proper cleaning of the filters.

It’s also important to keep your vents open. Although some people close their vents as a way to save money on heating and cooling, closing the vents only causes trouble. If a vent is closed, the system tries to push air past the vent. The extra work causes wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Of course, these tips mostly impact your ductwork. There are many other maintenance tips you should follow to keep your HVAC system working well.

Schedule a Duct Cleaning

While regular HVAC maintenance demands annual or even quarterly attention, duct cleaning can happen much less frequently. The reduced maintenance needs saves you money, but it also makes you more likely to forget to schedule a duct cleaning.

You should schedule a duct cleaning once every three years or so. When you do, a technician uses a tool to create pressure in the ducts. The pressure is enough to knock debris loose, and a vacuum sucks up the particles. Because your ducts are difficult to access, this tends to be the most effective way to clean them.

If you have a hard time remembering when to schedule a duct cleaning, mark it in your phone’s calendar. In a few years, you will get a reminder and your HVAC system will reward you with a longer life and better air flow.

Choose the Right Company to Clean Your Ducts

When it comes to your heating and cooling in Wichita, KS, you deserve the best. There are many challenges that come with duct cleaning, and only an experienced professional should handle the job. Some companies rarely do duct cleaning, so you should look for an HVAC company that’s up for the task.

Before you call someone out to your home, make sure they offer ductwork maintenance. Additionally, check their online reviews. Has anyone commented on the company’s duct maintenance services? With the help of social media, you can learn a lot about a company.

Before you book a maintenance service, ask lots of questions. The representative should be able to explain how the maintenance process works. If you don’t understand the method, request more details.

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