When the winter comes to an end, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to forget about your furnace. You won’t use your heater in the summer, but it’s still there. And when the fall comes around, you can be sure you’ll need your furnace to keep you warm. For this reason, you should pay close attention to your heating and air conditioning. Look for signs of trouble with your furnace and call for help from an experienced team of pros.

Your Furnace Has an Ongoing Job

In Moore, you never know what to expect from the weather. It could be 80 degrees during the day, but 50 degrees at night. Unless you like sleeping in the freezing cold, you need to make sure your furnace is always ready to work. Even though you may not need it to run all day every day, you should be sure your furnace is fully functional at all times of the year.

Because you rely so much on your furnace, it’s bound to experience wear and tear. As much as you want it to last forever, your heater will break down. Whether you need a repair or a replacement, you should always know who to call for heating and air conditioning service in Moore, OK.

At the end of the cold season, your furnace deserves some attention. You might have noticed some issues with the heater, or you could just need a regular tune-up. Either way, don’t put off your service call for the fall or winter. By then, your furnace may not work at all.

Common Furnace Issues

There are two common issues that affect furnaces. Typically, the furnace either won’t stop running, or it won’t turn on at all. Either scenario leaves you in an uncomfortable situation. You could be stuck in the cold or left with a home that’s too hot and costing you in high energy bills.

It’s always great to know what’s going on with your furnace. Therefore, you may want to troubleshoot your furnace before you call in an expert for help. That said, don’t let a little knowledge fool you into thinking you don’t need assistance from a professional. Until you have an expert inspect your system, you can’t be sure of the cause of your malfunction.

Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Turning On

If your furnace won’t kick on, there are a few possible causes. They range from minor to severe, but they usually require an HVAC technician to examine your furnace.

Thermostat Trouble

If you’re lucky, your furnace won’t kick on because of user error. You could have the thermostat in cooling mode, which means your HVAC system is set to cool your home. No matter how high you set the temperature, your system won’t turn on. A family member or guest may have adjusted your thermostat, so be sure to check it before you call in a professional.

You could also have an issue with the wiring. At times, a loose connection keeps the wires from the thermostat from connecting to the rest of the system. However, this isn’t easy to check on your own. If you plan on checking the wiring, make sure you turn off the circuit breaker. For your safety, you should consider asking an HVAC technician to inspect the thermostat.

When the culprit is loose wiring, a technician should be able to make a rapid repair. After tightening the connection, your technician can leave you with a functional thermostat. But life isn’t always that easy.

Tripped Breaker

Another simple fix, a tripped breaker could be why your furnace is broken. Typically, storms and electrical problems cause circuits to trip. Head to your breaker box and check your breakers. If one is tripped, flip it back into the “on” position. Doing so could cause your furnace to kick on.

Pilot Light is Out

Without a pilot light, your furnace won’t work. If you know where to find your pilot light, find out whether or not it’s on. You may need to relight it or have a technician examine the system.

Other Issues

Of course, there could be other reasons your furnace won’t turn on. If none of the reasons above are contributing to your furnace trouble, you need an expert to assess the situation. You could have a major problem, like a broken part. 

Reasons Your Furnace Won’t Turn Off

While you might think this problem is better than the alternative, it could mean you have a costly repair. You might notice your furnace seems never to meet the desired temperature or just realize you had a high energy bill last month. It doesn’t matter what tipped you off to the issue; all that matters is how you handle it.

High Temperature Setting

If you try to keep your thermostat too high, it won’t ever reach the right temperature. As an added drawback, you make your furnace work too hard. The wear and tear could cause the system to fail you.

Dirty Filter

Alternatively, you could have a dirty air filter. The debris in the filter makes it harder for your system to push air through, which means your furnace is always working. To prevent this issue, change out your filters on a regular basis. Replacing your filters once every three months should be enough to keep your system running smoothly. After a season of hard work, your filter is bound to be dirty.

Let Your Moore Heating and Air Conditioning Specialists Do the Work

You could spend hours trying to troubleshoot your end-of-season furnace issues. However, you probably won’t get the results you want. DIY fixes often end with more problems than there were in the first place.

Rather than try to figure out what’s wrong with your furnace, call us at ECK Services. Let us look at your furnace before the summer is over. When the cold weather returns, you can be sure your heater is ready to keep you warm. Contact us now to learn more. Follow us on Facebook for more exciting updates.