Does it sound like there’s a bee in your walls? If so, you may want to think twice before pulling down your sheetrock. The noise isn’t necessarily coming from bees; it could be coming from your furnace. Before you start tearing apart your home, talk to a KS heating and air specialist about the noise. They may be able to identify a problem with your furnace.

Where is the Buzzing Coming From?

Before you can think about the reasons for your furnace’s buzzing noise, you need to consider whether or not your furnace is the issue. Your home has many appliances, and any one of them could be making noise. In fact, the sound may not even be from something else, like a nest of bees in your wall or a child’s toy in the bottom of a toy box.

To determine the source of your buzzing, listen out for it. Is it a constant buzzing, or one that only happens every so often? If it’s intermittent, pay attention to other events that occur when the buzzing starts. It may happen when your heater is running, in which case it probably is your furnace making the sound. But you might realize that the buzzing is from your dishwasher or washing machine.

If possible, pinpoint the room in which the buzzing is the loudest. It may not be a room at all, but be your ducts or walls. As silly as you might look, walk around your home and listen out for the noise.

What Makes a Furnace Buzz?

Once you determine that your furnace is the source of the noise, you should call a residential HVAC service. There are a few potential causes of the noise, and all of them require professional help. Here are a few issues that could make your furnace buzz:

Loose Transformer Box

Your furnace has a transformer that’s responsible for converting the voltage from your power supply to the necessary voltage of the heating system. If the mount on the transformer loosens, the box may buzz when the furnace kicks on. Typically, new furnaces have this problem because the box wasn’t properly installed. Because the box is loose, it vibrates every time there is a conversion.

Fixing this is simple and only requires a technician to tighten up the screws on the box. Although you might be tempted to address this issue on your own, you should be cautious. There’s a risk of electrocution.

Broken Transformer

A loose transformer box is a simple fix, but a broken transformer is a much bigger issue. In an older furnace, the transformer box buzzing is a sign that the transformer needs a replacement. Replacing the transformer may be the only fix.

Broken Blower Motor 

After your furnace turns on, the blower motor engages and pushes warm air through the duct system. Without the blower motor, the warm air would remain stagnant, and the furnace would fail to heat your home. If a blower motor is failing, it is likely to make a buzzing noise.

Faulty Capacitor

The capacitor of a furnace is what stores electricity to kick start the motor. Every time a heating cycle begins, the capacitor plays a crucial role. But the capacitor won’t last forever, and a bad capacitor could make a buzzing sound.

Loose Ducts

Sometimes, the buzzing isn’t from any mechanical components. It could be caused by loose ductwork that vibrates when air blows through the system. In a system with unsecured ducts, the sections of metal move and vibrate, resulting in a buzzing or humming noise.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing your ducts to remain loose. Even though there isn’t a mechanical issue, the loose ducts could lead to other problems with your furnace. Because there are gaps in your ducts, air escapes out and the system doesn’t effectively heat your home. Your furnace needs to work overtime to keep your home comfortable, and this causes unnecessary wear and tear.

Before your furnace fails you, have a technician examine your ducts. If your ducts aren’t properly connected, the technician can use sealant and foil tape to tighten the connections. Then, the buzzing should stop, and you will have a more efficient heating system. You can save money on your utility bills and enjoy a quiet home. 

Do You Have a Problem with Your KS Heating and Air?

The next time you notice a buzzing noise from your furnace, don’t dismiss it. The sound could be a sign of a major problem, or it may be an early warning of trouble to come. Either way, you should have a professional examine your heating system and identify the source of the noise.

In most cases, early detection of a problem can save you hundreds of dollars on a repair. It may even keep you from needing to fully replace your furnace. By acting quickly, you can save your heating system. As an added benefit, you eliminate the buzzing sound that may keep you from sleeping at night.

It’s worth noting that other sounds are also warning signs. As the winter begins, pay attention to your furnace. What does it sound like, and does the sound change over the season? If you notice any sudden changes in the noise or feel as if your furnace sounds abnormal, call for an inspection. A technician can give you peace of mind that your system will endure a long winter.

Call Us for Help

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